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A siberian huskies at the US airport refused to pass the security check

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Recently, a huskies at the Orlando International Airport in the United States, despite the owner’s delay, resolutely refused to pass the security check. This scene was filmed by other passengers and posted on the Internet, which made people laugh.

In the video, a Siberian Husky stopped in front of the airport security checkpoint and refused to move forward. At this time, the passengers in the back were queued up. The owner of Erha was so anxious that he tried to drag it through the security checkpoint, but Erha almost did not move. Then the host began a variety of pleading and temptation to the Huskies, but Erha seemed to be a "I have decided" and continued to resist the procrastination of the master. At this point, a man left the team and went forward to help the dog owner drag the huskies, but it almost did not help. In the end, Erha simply walked back down, lying on the ground with his four feet, and did not want to cooperate.

The video's shooter, Joe Farma, was a passenger who had lined up for security screenings on the same day. He said: "Before I took my phone out and took a video, this two-Hour has been going on for a while, I This state lasted for a few minutes after the video was taken."

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