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How to extend the life of security gates to a large extent

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Security gates are security tools that we can often see in our lives, and many times they appear in our vision. So how should we use such a familiar security door in our life? How to use it to maximize the life of the security door? Only use the precautions for the security door to maximize the security door. Life, then let's introduce it.

Note 1: Waterproof safety issues
If it is not a waterproof security door with waterproof effect, be sure to pay attention to the large amount of water or humid environment, which will directly lead to short circuit of the security door and the most likely damage.

Note 2: Stay away from tall metal
The security door will have a very sensitive reflection of the metal, so if there is a large metal within a safe distance, it will directly cause the security door to work disorderly.

Note 3: Fix to be solid
During the installation process of the security door, it is necessary to pay attention to the fixed degree of solidity. Only when the installation is stable, can the normal use and detection of the security door be ensured.

Note 4: Keep away from the magnetic field with radiation
The working principle of the security door itself is electromagnetic. If a large magnetic field appears in the monitoring range, it will not only affect the accuracy of the security door itself, but also cause side effects, that is, the life of the security door itself. I believe that buyers who spend a lot of money to buy security gates will not want such a result.

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