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Professional Door Frame Metal Detector TEC-100 (TEC-100) Details

Search Metal Detector Gate,Walk through Body Scanner TEC-100



Product Description

TEC-100 metal detector type is designed for ordinary security door users. It is economical, practical and inexpensive, mainly match moderate detection requirement places such as nightclubs. With body height detection design and built in electromagnetic fields, metal items carried by human can be generated through the alarm device, items like various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other items containing metal and so on. As a antitheft examination an effective tool, mainly used in government agencies, public security organs , prosecution, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations, stadiums, convention venues, entertainment, large gathering places, etc., as well as hardware, electronics, jewelry, military, Mint factories or businesses.

 Detect the regions without blind sports uniformly
Precise positioning: average distribution of six independent detection regions to detect the targets

Sound and light simultaneously alarm

Panel LED light: Show the targets locations precisely

Modular design: convenient installation and easy to rule out failure.

Self-diagnosis functions: built-in self-diagnostic procedures, power-on self test,

Microprocessor technology: more flexible control , the control panel can programme all the parameters default to match the users' requirements

Complex circuit design, infrared devices, computer automatic identification, can effectively reduce false positions and omissions

DSP digital signal processing filter systems: have excellent anti electromagnetic interference capability and strong resistance to touch, so can deal with the occasion of crowed pass through

Adjustable sensitivity: Each detection region has 100 sensitivity level may require adjustment in 
accordance with the appropriate detection sensitivity.

Three sets of stored criteria for good regulation to fit different occasions and special chemicals.

Equipped with remote control, operation more conveniences and easy.

Continuous job performance, can not escape detection at any time.

Can automatically measure and display the interference of the surrounding environment to help to select the installation site.

Password-protected settings: Only allow the professionals to modify the parameters

Complied with current international safety standards, the use of weak magnetic field emission technology has no harm to pacemakers wear Persons, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes etc.

 Technical parameters:

  •  standard: "GB 15210-1994. Walk-through metal detector door general technical conditions" national
  •  detection procedures: 100 sensitivities been adjustment may be required on different occasions to  meet separately.
  •  basic safety: meeting the requirements of GB4793.
  • personal safety: Satisfied NILECJ-0601.
  •  through rate: more than 60 million / per minute.
  •  Power: 220V AC, 50/60Hz.
  •  Power: 35VA.
  •  working environment: -10 °C ~ 45 °C, ≤ 95% RH.
  • Overall dimension: 2220 mm (high) × 820 mm (width) × 500 mm (deep).
  •  Channel Size: 2000 mm (high) × 700 mm (width) × 500 mm (deep),
  •  Body weight: about 80kg. Search Metal Detector Gate,Walk through Body Scanner TEC-100



Packaging & Shipping


carton / wooden box (Best package for long distance transportation)

 Search Metal Detector Gate,Walk through Body Scanner TEC-100 Search Metal Detector Gate,Walk through Body Scanner TEC-100

Shipping methods

1 We only support world-famous Express companies (EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx), faster and safer by Express,  For reducing our shipping fee, large size articles 

(Walkthrough metal detector gates, Xray security inspection machines, Needles inspection for Food industry, etc) will go air shipping or Ocean shipping.

The Customs

 1 We will declare on the invoice that it’s a gift or write down a lower price to help you reduce tax.

2 However, you will still need to pay the tax for the products if the customs ask.



Our Services

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Quality control


1>All products must go through four checks before manufacture processing.

2> Full check after every individual process finished.

3>Full check after production half-done.

4>Spots check after production packaged before shipping.

Punctual delivery time:


1>We put your order into our tight production schedule, ensure your punctual delivery time.
2>Production / inspection report before your order packed.
3>Shipping notice/ insurance to you as soon as your order is shipped.

After sales service:


1>We respect your feed back after receive the goods.
2>We provide 12-24 months warranty after goods arrive.
3>We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.
4>We lorge your complain within 48hours.


OEM Service


1> we accept all OEM service,if quantity is big,OEM is free of charge,if not,we will charge a little OEM Cost.



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CE Certification  

Search Metal Detector Gate,Walk through Body Scanner TEC-100

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