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What does the train station security check?

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What does the train station security check?

The security check at the railway station mainly checks whether passengers are carrying dangerous goods on the train, including controlled knives, explosives, flammables, etc., to ensure the safety of passengers.

What are the prohibited items in the railway station?

The latest revision of the "Catalogue of Items Prohibited and Restricted for Carrying in Railway Stations" lists sharp or blunt objects that may endanger the personal safety of passengers and pose a major safety hazard as prohibited items; safety matches, ordinary lighters, etc. can be carried in limited quantities For items, the restrictions on carrying quantity have been adjusted.

For example: In addition to controlled knives, kitchen knives, table knives, slaughter knives, axes and other sharp or blunt objects that may endanger the personal safety of passengers; nail guns, defensive devices, bows, crossbows and other equipment are prohibited from being brought into the train. .
For items that can be carried in limited quantities, such as safety matches and ordinary lighters, the restricted quantity has been adjusted. For example, the nail polish, delusterant, and hair dye that passengers can carry shall not exceed 20ml; the self-spraying pressure vessel such as cold wave essence, mousse, hair spray, insecticide, air freshener, etc. shall not exceed 120ml; safety matches are limited to 2 Small box; only 2 ordinary lighters can be carried.

In order to ensure that everyone travels safely and smoothly, we remind everyone to learn the railway station security regulations before taking the train.

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