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Introduction to STB

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The digital video conversion box, usually called Set Top Box, or STB for short, is a device that connects the TV to an external signal source.

It can convert the compressed digital signal into TV content and display it on the TV. Signals can come from wired cables, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasting.

In addition to the images and sounds that analog TV can provide, the content received by the set-top box is also capable of receiving digital content, including electronic program guides, Internet web pages, subtitles, and so on.

Enable users to watch digital TV programs on existing TV sets, and conduct interactive digital entertainment, education, and commercial activities through the Internet.

The functions of the new generation of set-top boxes should include:

①Receiving broadcast analog TV and digital TV programs,

②High-speed Internet access, sending and receiving e-mail,

③Video on demand (VOD) and music on demand functions,

④Telephone, video phone, conference TV ,

⑤Connect the functions of consumer electronic products such as VCR, VCD,

⑥Electronic shopping,

⑦Electronic games, etc.

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