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The harm to the skin of not cleaning your makeup brush!

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Do you know how many bacteria your makeup brush has after using it for a while?


If the brush is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria, cosmetics, and dirt will accumulate. Not only will the bristles be damaged, but the skin will also rot easily. The constant accumulation of bacteria will cause it to harm your skin, cause allergies, acne and other problems.


Brush for powdered cosmetics. You can wipe the toilet paper back and forth every time you use it to remove the remaining powder as much as possible. As a daily cleaning, perform a deep wash once a month; dip the liquid foundation, It is recommended to clean the brushes of makeup products such as concealer every day to prevent dampness, mold, or bacteria. Of course, regular cleaning is good, but you must not wash the powdery brushes too intensively, or keep washing after making the previous mistakes, otherwise the bristles may be damaged or deformed and ruined one Good brushes.

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