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The fastest growing areas for China's smart security inspection equipment

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The demand for security inspection equipment in important places such as customs, courts, procuratorates, prisons, banks, ports, stations, museums, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers is very strong, especially in air transportation, rail transit, postal express and other fields, which have become the market demand for security inspection equipment The fastest growing area.

In terms of technology, airports have been leading the development of security inspection equipment, especially high-end security inspection equipment. Many of the latest and most advanced security inspection equipment are often the first to be introduced and used by airports. Airport expansion, new airport construction and security inspection system upgrades are the main driving forces driving the growth of airport security inspection equipment application demand.

In recent years, China's rail transit (including high-speed rail, light rail, and subway) construction has entered the fast lane. With the rapid development of the urban rail transit industry, the demand for matching security inspection equipment will also grow rapidly. Rail transit has become an emerging market with the fastest growing demand for security inspection equipment in China.

Because of the rapid development of e-commerce, the express delivery industry has become an important part of the modern service industry. If security inspection equipment is not used to "security" express parcels, it will inevitably bring huge security risks. This makes postal express, a "scattered among civilians" industry, a large civilian market for security inspection equipment.

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