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Something about Vehicle Inspection

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Vehicle inspection is mainly used for security inspection of vehicles, such as fixed and mobile undercarriage high-definition scanning systems, undercarriage inspection mirrors, etc. It can effectively prevent bombs, weapons, biochemical dangerous goods, and dangerous persons hidden under the vehicle from entering and leaving important safety protection places.
The vehicle chassis security inspection system can automatically detect the vehicle, and perform image collection, display, splicing, snapshot summary, comparison alarm, and automatic environmental control of the vehicle chassis. Under-vehicle inspection mirrors are also called under-vehicle video detection mirrors, which can be regarded as hand-held under-vehicle inspection equipment and are relatively simple and convenient to use. The fixed scanning system is an underground security inspection system, which has a certain degree of concealment and can be installed in fixed places that require important protection.
At present, it is mainly used in the offices of national government agencies, civil aviation airports, ports, stations, military institutions and bases, foreign embassies, checkpoints, banks, jewelry and precious metal processing plants and mines, scientific research and confidential venues, large conferences and event venues, and commercial buildings , Large hotels, important parking lots, aerospace bases, nuclear power plants and other important safety and security places.
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