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What can we see in baggage security?

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We all know that whether we take the subway or the plane, we must go through the security check first. When the goods pass through the security machine, there are often staff staring at the computer screen next to them. What can they see in the end?
When the object passes through the security detector, the machine will release X-rays. After different objects absorb X-rays, they will show different colors on the screen.



Generally speaking, orange represents organic matters, such as food, plastic, books, ceramics, etc., which are displayed in green, while metal is displayed in blue.
It is through these colors that the staff judges the objects in the luggage. Some passengers think that this violates the privacy, and X-ray will radiate the human body, which has the risk of cancer.
But more people think that in order to prevent people with ulterior motives from carrying dangerous goods on the plane to the subway and endangering public safety, security inspection is absolutely necessary.


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