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See through the tedious nature through the security inspection machine

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Going out, safety is what everyone values most. Because of this, no matter the subway, bus, train, plane, court... many places will have to go through security inspections for the safety of the people. At this time, many people will think that this is too cumbersome? Especially for some people who are in a hurry, I am in a hurry, but I have to waste a few minutes here. Especially for the working people in the first-tier cities, going to work every day, waiting in line for security inspections every day or even more than 10 minutes .


 However, does that mean that security is not necessary? Actually, we will first understand the "dangerous goods" found through the security inspection post.

Knife hidden inside the luggage



And other dangerous tools


The above is just a small part of the dangerous goods checked out. Through security inspections, a large number of lighters (fire), sulfuric acid and other corrosive liquids, toxic substances such as cinnabar, rat poison, dichlorvos, and other prohibited items were also found.

These dangerous goods threaten the personal safety of the people, and each piece is enough to cause irreparable consequences. Therefore, safety inspection is an indispensable part and the first line of defense to protect everyone.


The X-ray rays of the security inspection machine can quickly locate the object information and spatial position information in the object package, so that the suspicious objects can be found through the package, and the danger hazard is killed outside the door.


TEC security inspection machines are widely used in convention centers, subway stations, railway stations, schools, government public relations agencies, shopping malls, large-scale events and other places. The TEC security inspection machine has a dangerous goods identification system, automatic detection and alarm, and remote technical service support.


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