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Passenger refuse luggage secuirty check: Green vegetables will be radiated

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According to the media report on January 10, a woman in Guangzhou refused to check the baggage when she entered the train station. The woman said that her own bags are filled with fresh vegetables, can not pass the security check machine, otherwise the nutritional value of vegetables will be greatly affected by the radiation. The Guangzhou Railway Police said that the scanning of the baggage X-ray security inspection instrument will not leave any radioactive substances on the luggage, and will not cause radiation pollution to the articles and food.

Is the radiation from the security machine really harmful to vegetables?

The radiation of an object mainly depends on its own content and composition. Fruits and other foods will not be left behind due to X-ray irradiation, let alone accumulated damage. Some freshly packaged foods are radiantly sterilized by radiation, such as gamma rays, which is good for the preservation of food without any residue.

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