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China donates a batch of security scanners to the Cambodian National Police Serv

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According to the Cambodian media "Cambodia Daily" reported on January 25, 2019, China donated a batch of security scanners and office supplies to the Cambodian National Police Service.

The material donation handover ceremony was held on the afternoon of the 24th at the Guard Bureau of the Cambodian National Police. The Director of the Security Bureau, Dunalo, the Chinese Embassy of Cambodia, Li Ningya, and the Police Liaison Officer Zhang Ping attended the ceremony.


Dunalo thanked the Chinese government for assisting Cambodian security scanners and office equipment, which is the most lacking of the Security Bureau. He believes that with this security scanner, the Guard Bureau is more effective in protecting the safety of national leaders and foreign guests.


Li Ningya, the Chinese embassy in Cambodia, thanked the Cambodian police for protecting the security of visiting Chinese leaders.

It is reported that China's assistance equipment includes security scanners, 13 computers, 1 copy machine, and 13 printers. China is Cambodia's largest donor. The field of assistance is extensive. It involves defense, health, infrastructure, and water conservancy systems.

From Sina.com [Observer News]

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