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The plane was "hijacked" Now is it too much trouble for security?

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   At 9:36 am on April 15th, Air China CA1350 Changsha-Beijing flight crew was hijacked. A male passenger used a pen to hold the flight attendant and the crew prepared to drop Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport according to the disposal procedures. At present, the incident is under further investigation

Security check: Secure the first pass of travel security

   Nowadays, there are more and more places in life where security inspections are required. Airports, stations, subways, exhibition centers, and so on all need to carry the big bags and packets they carry with them, and even need to be “touched” again. Many people are complaining about why the door is so strict, but if you look at the following things that security personnel are trying out from the belts and shoes, you are expected to be shocked.

   With the continuous development of science and technology, the speed of travel is also accelerating, and the mode of travel is increasingly diversified. As people enjoy convenient travel, various kinds of crises follow, and security is the first way to block these dangers. Level."

   Good treatment does not prevent disease. Prevention is always better than cure. In the key areas attacked by lawless elements, they are clever and clever, they know how to disguise themselves, and they are scattered in areas where people gather. Travel security inspections are related to the personal safety of the people. They are both necessary and urgent and require meticulous inspections by security personnel in order to eliminate these potential safety hazards and protect the lives and property of the people.

    At present, the security situation in the entire world is not optimistic. The demand for security inspections, security inspection technologies, and the urgency of security inspection products are increasing. Both China and overseas are increasing investment. Traditional security inspection methods and methods, such as manual security inspection, hand-held metal detectors, metal detection doors, and liquid exploration, all have powerful functions. For higher and higher demands, these security inspection equipments are also updating and upgrading. Only by effectively promoting the standardization of security inspections, and improving the efficiency of security inspections, can it provide a strong guarantee for ensuring safe operations.

Public safety Everyone has responsibility

   In daily life, we do experience psychological discomfort due to frequent security checks and we are troubled by travel restrictions, handling affairs, going to the streets, and going to public places because of various restrictions. But in the public space, we do not know how other people are? As participants, we are guardians of public peace. We are ordinary people, but it is also the cornerstone of security and stability. So with security, everyone is responsible.

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