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Economical LUGGAGE & CARGO INSPECTION (TEC-5030) Details
Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A
Product Description

TEC-5030A x-ray machine

5030A type of X-ray examination system uses X-ray scanning imaging technology to scan items. According to the images, the inspector determine whether entrainment of banned items. 50cm(wide)×30(high)channel size meet the demand for small goods inspection. Folding belt can save space of carry and storage.

5030A type owns the effect of perfect clarity imaging. With the help of many images processing function, it can easily and quickly help the inspectors to distinguish the different objects. In the process of scanning imaging, the system to provide automatic image storage and according to work by inspectors need to splice storage in two ways. If you need to one image to check, inspection person can playback past images at any time.

5030A model based on WINDOWS operating system, interface design is simple to be easily mastered without special training. It is the ideal solutions of small object check.

8 unique characteristics:

Sound light alarm: the sound and alarm lamp signal meeting the conditions

Network port: can be connected LANS, multiple terminal and check the baggage

Safer rays: X-ray emission automatic control, avoid mistakenly launch

Humanization image monitoring: the display is 360°folding and rotary, operator according to oneself need adjust display’s position to reduce fatigue.

Concise mouse operation control: without the keyboard and workbench, directly controlled by mouse, saving space

A key shutdown control: only rotating the key is needed to shut down the equipment securely, more convenient and concise

Eagle Eye: can easily see the current amplification area

Fault diagnosis: automatic judgment of malfunction, and giving prompt information,

facilitate maintenance

TEC-5030A with gray LCD display

TEC-5030C with color LCD display

Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A

Basic parameter index

Thoroughfare                      500 (wide) ×300(high) mm

Conveyor belt speed              0.22 m/s

Conveyor belt load                 120kg

Dose inspection                    <1.5µGy

Distinguish                     diameter 0.101mm metal cable

Penetrate                       10mm thick steel plate

Film                            ISO1600film safety

Leak dose                       <0.05µGy/h

Operating environment:

Working temperature/humidity          0°C~45°C/20%~95% (no condensation)

Storage temperature/humidity          -20°C~60°C/20%~95% (no condensation)

Working voltage                       220VAC (±10%)  50±3Hz

Power loss                            1.0KW (maximum)

Noise levels                          <65dB


 Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A

our factory


Packaging & Shipping

Best wooden package for long distance transportion

Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A


Shipping methods   


1.By Worldwide Express:DHL,Fedex,EMS,UPS,TNT,etc

Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A 

2.By air or by sea,if the goods weight over 45kg,then by these two ways are economical.

 Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A

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 Cheap x-ray baggage inspection machine, X-ray luggage scanner TEC-5030A


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