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UVC Sterilizer box (CP-981593311) Details


1.When turning on the germicidal light,do not look directly at the LED
beads to avoid the damage to the eyes.
2.Please put 1 meter away from the computer and electronic equip-
ment to prevent the signal interference.
3.Don'topen, repair or modify the device without permission,tear the
warranty label, it will consider as man-made damage not under by the
warranty terms.
4.This equipment is not waterproof,avoid liquid immersion.Please
do not store the product in a humid environment.
5.Do not put the product near a heating source or put it near a heat-
ingsource for charging.
6.A certain amount of heat will be generated during charging, which is
normal and will not affect the performance of the product.However, if
you feel that the cell phone battery or sterilization box is too hot,
disconnect the power supply to the sterilization box and wait it to cool
down before attempting to charge it.
7.During the warranty period,due to the failure or damage caused by
the product' s quality,free maintenance service is provided; if the
product is damaged due to accidents,unstable voltage and irresisti-
ble factors, it is not covered by the warranty.

Schematic diagram:

lnstructions of disinfection function
1.Press the switch button to start the disinfection mode.
2.Press the button,the green light will be turn on,indicating that
the disinfection mode is in progress,you will hear a beep.(Can kill
99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli).
3.During disinfection, when the lid is opened, the disinfection lamp
will automatically turn off,in order to prevent uv damage to the
eyes.When the lid is closed,the disinfection process will resume.
4.After 5 minutes of the disinfection, you will hear three sounds of
"beep" , flashing three times and then turn off,which means disin-
fection is complete.
Wireless charging instructions
1.After connecting the wireless charging disinfection box to the
power adapter and turning on, the blue indicator light gradually
turns bright.
2.To charge a Ql-compatible smartphone,please put the phone
above the cover.
3.After charging, remove the smartphone from the wireless charging
Aromatherapy function instructions
lf you want to have a pleasant fragrance to the item,you can add a
drop of liquid aroma to the aroma distribution point in the disinfec-
tion box before turn on.(Liquid aromatherapy must be purchased

Technical Parameters

1.This warranty card ensures that the products purchased by custom-
ers are produced by our company and meet our factory standards.
2.Warranty period: 1year warranty. If there are quality problems with
this product in the warranty period, users can enjoy free warranty
service with shopping vouchers and warranty cards.
3.The warranty service is for normal use only and is not including by the
warranty under the following circumstances:
1)damage to the product due to accident, improper use and other
human factors.
2)The product has been disassembled, replace and added parts
3)It is not used according to the instructions and is used under the
condition that the manufacturer does not allow it.
4.Please attach the warranty card and shopping voucher to our cus-
tomer service department during maintenance.
5. he scope of compensation under this warranty agreement is limited
to the replacement and repair of damaged products, excluding other
indirect losses caused by product failures.
6.Warranty card: Price:                                  
                           Sales date:                          






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