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手持紫外线消毒棒 (CP-981532410) Details


Product parameters

Model: TEC-ZW001

Power supply mode:1000MA lithium battery

Color: black or white

Light beads specification: 4pcs 3535+UVA/UVC

Power: 2W

Product dimension: 30*13.5*240mm

Germicidal distance: 1-5cm

Material: ABS+PC

Germicidal time:10-30s

Net weight:68.6g



Turn on:Press the power button for 2 seconds,the product power on,the ultraviolet lamp will light and start to work.

Power off:Press the power button for seconds,the dim will light will goes out.

Attention:When this product is turn on at tenth time,the ultraviolet lamp will start with flash mode,thats normal function,restart the device will work by normal mode.



1. Power supply by 1000MA Li-battery,can be recharge.It lasts for two hours at full charge.

2. Should charge when the ultraviolet lamp dim.

3. Show the red light when charging,and become green after full charge.

4. This product work by dual wavelength sterilize lamp,UVA wave length:390-405nm;UVC wave length:270-280nm,High efficiency ultraviolet sterilize technology,without secondary pollution.


Product features

1. The design of this product is small and beautiful ,portable and has a wide range foe using.

2. Easy operation,one-button disinfect and sterilize.

3. Power supply by sterilized ultraviolet luminous surface make it more easy to disinfect and sterilize.

4. Wide range of sterilized  ultraviolet luminous surface make it more easy to disinfect and sterilize.

5. Imported dual chip sterilized lamp,high UVA penetration + high UVC sterilized rate,high effect sterilized and disinfect,the efficiency reach to 99.9%.

6. Low energy consumption and long service life.


Matters needing attention

1. When sterilizing,please do not directly face the eyes or human body,which may easily cause discomfort or other adverse reactions

2. The product is not suitable for pets.Do not sterilize animals directly

3. The product can not give children to use ,please keep it out of reach of children.

4. When not using for a long time,please charge the battery twice a month to aviod the lithium battery damage.


1. High performance ultraviolet sterilized lamp

2. Charging socket

3. Power button


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