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2016 newest hand held metal detector for security check TEC-V160 (TEC-V160) Details

2016 newest hand held metal detector for security check

Security Check: Airport, Prison, Court, Procuratorate, Bank, Hotel, Conference, Sports Events, etc ; Factory Security ; Anti-Cheating Exam

1.Security check: places are prohibited to take guns and knives,such as police station, factory gate,courthouses, stadium,public buildings,private buildings,etc.

2.Loss prevention: places needs to be prevent from been stealing such as chemical, refineries,electronic, metal, plastic industries.

3.Preventing cheating: occations need to shield signals of Mobilephones, electronic dictionaries,MP3, MP4, Ucards, and wireless transmission facilities to prevent cheating such as college entrance examination, tests, and civil servants exams.

V160 hand held metal detector with ultra-high sensitivity, can be used to specifically detect extremely small non-magnetic metal objects. V160 hand held metal detector with three forms of sound, light and vibration alarm, can be adapted to check a variety of environments, and long battery life to meet the continuing needs. V160 hand held metal detector is the most advanced electronic technology, suitable for all international safety standards.

Technical parameters



Operating Voltage

7-9 VDC

Power Supply

6F22ND 9V battery(Not including)


4 Levels

Alarm term

sound (vibration) and light alarm simultaneously

Alarm Sound


Detective metal

ferrous and non-ferrous

Enclosure Material

ABS Black Gray





1 Portable high sensitivity metal detector, convenient to be taken.

2 Can detect one paper clip.

3 Power saving, can work more than 100 hours.

4 With recharging function,could be fully charged in 4-6 hours. The charger and rechargeable battery should be ordered additional.

5 It can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous.

6 Could be alarmed by both sound and light,or both vibration and light.

7 It will alarm constantly when the battery will run down.


1 This device does not disassemble. Otherwise may cause device performance degradation or even unusable

2 User of non-matching charger may result in equipment damage or even fire.

3 This device contains a high level of integration of the electronic circuit architecture, the direct impact is easy to cause the device to paralysis.

4 To avoid the rain or other liquids directly sprinkling.

5 Select dry and dark environment storage.

6 Waste batteries must not be discarded in ordinary trash, use pulic battery recycling equioment.

Payment Method:

Western Union,T.T or Secure Payment


By express: if the order is in small quantities,&need urgently,then by express is the best choice.

By Air: if the order is in large quantities,&need urgently,then by air is a good way.

By Sea: if the order is in large quantities,&but needs a cheap shipment way,by sea is a good choice

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