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Walk through metal detector's four misunderstanding

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Misunderstanding 1: The user thinks that the security door can detect all prohibited items, including dangerous substances in liquid, powder and other conditions.

At present, the general security gates in the market refer to metal detection security gates (except for the latest millimeter wave human body security devices and terahertz human body security devices). That is to say, only articles containing a certain amount of metal can be detected, and articles without any metal components can not be detected.

Myth 2: The user thinks that the security door can only alert the controlled tool, but can completely eliminate other metal or electronic items such as belt buckles and mobile phones.

Up to now, metal detection security doors, including imported security doors, have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of detection, and can also detect mobile phones and controlled tools without excluding some zippers, buttons, and small keychains. However, the principle of this exclusion is obtained by reducing the sensitivity of the security door detection, rather than the intelligent identification technology, so the security door cannot detect smaller metal objects without excluding large metal objects.

Myth 3: The user thinks that the security door can be installed normally in any environment without any influence.

The metal security door adopts the weak magnetic field induction technology, so it has certain sensing ability for metal objects, magnetic articles and strong wireless signals. These factors will have certain influence on the normal operation of the security door. Therefore, the installation environment of the security gate needs to avoid the existence of these factors.

Myth 4: The user also believes that the security gate can display the exact location of the human body through the image after detecting the prohibited item.

The current security door can emit sound and light prompts after detecting the metal objects carried by the person's body. It can also indicate the height of the human body where the metal is located through the segmented LEDs on the left and right sides of the security door, but it cannot be like a photo. Accurately display the exact location of the human body.

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