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Security is a good thing, but will radiation hurt people?

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Security equipment is much safer than you think

1.x-ray luggage scanner machine

The security inspection machine is actually a security x-ray machine. The x-ray machine is familiar to everyone. The principle is very simple. It is the ability to use X-rays to penetrate substances. The density is different, the thickness is different, the composition is different, and the penetration ability of x-ray is also different. The x-ray machine is based on the different penetrating power of various substances to identify the objects in the baggage. The x-ray machine not only recognizes the shape of the object, but also displays the color, and the color of each substance is different. Like organic materials, such as paper, clothes, and a variety of foods, it usually blocks your orange. Mixed materials and light metals, such as sodium, silicon, and aluminum, are usually shown in green. Two stickers, aluminum, silver, etc. are shown in black and blue. The degree of lightness and darkness of the above various colors depends on the density and thickness of the material.

So how much radiation does the security machine have? The x-ray emitted by the baggage screening machine has a small power, and the object or person is detected once. The received radiation dose is 5 microsieverts, and the amount of radiation received by an x-ray film in the hospital is also 0.45 millimeters. Sivot, and a milliliter of Sivot is equivalent to 1000 microsieverts. Therefore, the amount of radiation received by the body of the security inspection machine is only 1/90 of the ordinary inspection machine. The photo examination is harmless to the human body. The machine is even more problem-free, and the security machine is generally used for scanning objects. Moreover, the amount of radiation from the security inspection machine is also much lower than the dose used for radiation sterilization of food.

2. walk through metal detector

When many people pass the security checkpoint, they often have resistance and think that it will be harmful to the body, especially pregnant women are most worried about this. It is normal for pregnant women to care for the fetus in the body. However, the safety door is not an x-ray machine. It only produces electromagnetic fields and does not produce ionizing radiation. This electromagnetic field is very weak, only about 1 micro Tesla. This data is several times different from the 30 micro Tesla specified in the National General Specification for Passive Metal Detection Doors. In addition, we can also think that the security personnel are next to the security gates for many years. If the security gates are harmful to the human body, they will not agree.

3.hand held metal detector

The metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic susceptibility to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field using a coil through which the alternating current passes. This magnetic field can generate eddy currents inside metal objects. The eddy current will generate a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to beep. Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect metal objects carried by people or parcels, luggage, letters, fabrics, etc. The special appearance of the sensitive surface makes the operation simple and easy. Therefore, the metal detector, like the safety door, is just an electromagnetic induction, and the impact on the human body is almost zero. Moreover, each security inspector holds the metal detector for more than a few hours a day. It is really a big radiation. I believe these security inspectors are not willing to use it.

It can be seen that the passengers will not cause harm when passing the security tester, and the x-ray security tester will not adversely affect the articles. Therefore, the so-called "security check is harmful to health" is not true.


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